Our School Community

Lismore Primary School strongly values the input of parents and the wider community. We understand that in order to provide the best possible outcomes for students, a positive home/school relationship is essential.


Lismore Primary School is committed to developing strong links with the wider community. Our students are encouraged to be involved in community projects such as decorating Christmas trees to be displayed around the town for the festive season.

Our students visit the Lismore Health Centre at various times throughout the year to engage in activities with the elderly. The benefits are two fold with our students thoroughly enjoying their visits to the Heath Centre and the elderly enjoying the opportunity to connect with our students.


Starting school is a major change for children and their families. It can be both challenging and exciting. Here at Lismore Primary School we understand the importance of a successful transition program to ensure students have a positive start to schooling. Children who make a positive start

Lismore Primary School works in collaboration with the local Lismore/Derrinallum Pre-School to ensure a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Likewise, we are committed to working with local secondary schools to develop a partnership that supports the successful transition from year 6 to secondary school.